From the fall of 2015 to the spring of 2016, Sherman Street Church funded the “Voices of Our Community” project – a project designed to build connections between Sherman Street Church, Step of Faith Church, and the Baxter Neighborhood.

As part of the project, over 120 portraits were taken of community members sharing their response to the question: “What is your dream?” The response was a beautiful collection of dreams for individuals, families, communities, and, most of all, the church. The portraits were then paired together as a reminder that we live these dreams out not in isolation but in community. We welcome you to view and enjoy these images on the Sherman Street Facebook page.

In addition, members of Sherman Street Church, Step of Faith Church, and the Baxter Neighborhood were interviewed as part of the project. We invite you to listen to some of their stories below.

Mary Buteyn & David Kromminga

Interviewers: Jen Vander Heide and Katie Brower

Tequita Culbreath

Interviewer: Katie Brower

Pat Deur-Vis

Interviewer: Katie Brower

JaQuawn Dorris

Interviewer: Katie Brower

Tiny Edie

Interviewers: Katie Brower and Jen Vander Heide

Esther Koster & Jane Warners

Interviewer: Gary Warners

Gary Mulder

Interviewer: Bonnie Mulder

Emily Stout

Interviewer: Katie Brower

Alfred Thomas

Interviewer: Danielle DeJonge and Katie Brower

Peg Thorbjornsen

Interviewers: Katie Brower and Gwen Genzink

Jen Vander Heide

Interviewer: Katie Brower

Kenyia Winters-Hughes

Interviewer: Jen Vander Heide