Our Mission

To be a living testimony of God’s grace and justice in the city.

Our Vision

We of Sherman Street Church have a dream:
Here, people of all colors and cultures,
rich, and poor,
saved and seeking,
are changed together as disciples of Jesus Christ.1
Here, we are a living testimony of the joy, love, justice, and holiness of God’s people,2
a remarkable contrast to the separations and hostilities
within the society in which we live.
Knowing the brokenness and pain brought into our lives by sin and evil,3
we proclaim with joy that God has saved us through Jesus his son 4
and is healing us by the Holy Spirit’s power at work within us.5
Built up together in the life of the church,6 and sent by Jesus as reconcilers into the world,7
we enter the parish and the other communities of our lives
telling and showing the good news of Jesus Christ,8
leading friends and strangers alike to faith and hope in him,
and working to extend God’s peace in the city where God has placed us.9

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